Drimlabarra Herb Farm Kildonan, Isle of Arran, KA27 8SE

Celtic Herbal Medicine Intensive

June 10th till June 23rd 2019

celtic-logoBuilding  on the success of our previous Intensives over the years we are very happy to offer another 14 day intensive on Celtic Herbal Medicine; this is included as part of  the Apprenticeship programme. The intensive includes 4 days of guided herb walks to Arran’s special and sacred sites interspersed between the teaching days. This intensive has its zenith on the 21st with a Celtic Fire Ceremony for the Summer Solstice. Please get in touch if you want to join us next year in Scotland. Special guest teachers for 2019 Irish herbalist and scholar Danny O’Rawe MSc. M.IRH and Welsh herbalist Nicola Dee Kelly M.NIMH


Cost including all materials etc is £950 plus accommodation and meals..
Full Board – our accomplished team use Vegan Organic Local  produce –  Camping own tent etc £37 per day. Individual packages available. Local accommodation is also available and meals can be supplied here if required.

From the beginning of human her/history we have lived in an elemental world.

Herbal Intensive 2017 Photographs

Without the soil and rain and wind and sun and space we could not have stood here in anything like our present form. After many years of study and research into the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether and their inter-relationships with health and healing plants, traditional herbalist and renowned teacher Keith Robertson MSc FNIMH is ready to bring his own systematic approach on seeing how these elements move through plants and humans. Keith was born on the Island of Arran into a family with strong healing and Celtic roots and this new initiative of the Celtic Herbal Medicine Intensive, and the wider apprenticeship programme for 2018, springs from an ardent desire to reconnect with an authentic spirit of Celtic healing, using primarily the living medium of our native plants. As humans we find ourselves mobile in space but constrained by linear time. Plants are mainly constrained in space but more mobile in time, as they reincarnate as seeds or clone themselves by shoots, runners etc. This makes them such important teachers as they so different and yet so closely entwined with the human being.

This Intensive will use the progression of the Elements as a structure to view plants and the human body, working through each element in sequence and fully exploring all their many aspects. A contemplative and experiential approach has been built up over the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine’s long career and this is our key into unlocking the book of nature and allowing us to glimpse the meanings emblazoned on creation.

The Celtic Mysteries, so important to seers such as Rudolf Steiner, have been mainly lost in a sea of Celtic Bling. This initiative is an honest expedition back to the heart of the plants and the land here (set up as a veganic sanctuary for the purpose of facilitating this work) and to the heart of what it means to be a Celtic Healer in today’s world. If you would like to be part of this exciting journey then please get in touch.

My personal e-mail is keith at (please help us avoid spam by the supplying the @ yourself) and we are also on Facebook at Drimlabarra Herb Farm and as Keith Robertson.

On site camping , off site B&B, and other meals are available at an additional cost. We only have some limited camping places left here and these are generally allocated to vegan participants who want to help out – please check with us for availability.

Tent pppn
Caravan pppn
You will find some Airbnb’s around the island. We recommend in particular Steve and Adrienne who serve an excellent double room at 
Contact them and quote Keith Robertson if you want to negotiate a single room if they have any availability.
There is a great campsite on the beach about 15 mins walk by the Hotel. £8 / person / night. They also have Camping Pods at £35 for 1-2 people / night  see Both tent and especially Pod will need booked in advance.
If you crave comfort The Kildonan Hotel right next to the camp site is really nice at £99 for a double and £79 for a single
The nearest B&B is in the next village and we can recommend Malcolm and Julie at £30 – £40 per night.
We are within 10 -15 mins walk of a reliable bus service round the island and if you have your own transport you might consider our friend Pippa’s luxury yurts at   which is 5 miles south or the on-suite cabins at from £35 per night in the next village north again Lamlash.
Lots of other hotel and guest house options at

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