Drimlabarra Herb Farm Kildonan, Isle of Arran, KA27 8SE

Practical Herbal Medicine Gathering & Making Weekends

Can be taken individually or as a series.
Learn to identify, harvest and make your own herbal preparations to take home.
Includes all refreshments and medicine making materials. Accommodation and vegan organic food available at additional cost.

You will also be introduced to the Celtic Energetic model developed here at SSHM.

Available Dates see Schedule 2022

Weekends  start on the Friday at 3 pm till 3 pm on the Sunday to fit in with the ferries. Mid – Week breaks new for Oct. 2022.

Each weekend can stand alone or can be taken as a series. The Elements provide a general theme rather than dictate the  content which is influenced even more by the herbs in season

Come along and share the delights of Natures Wild Medicine Chest with Nicola Dee Kelly MNIMH . We will be foraging the garden and hedgerow for treasures to create a wide variety of preparations. These will include poultices, compresses, infusions, tinctures, oils, ointments, syrups, flower waters etc.

Each weekend will have a seasonal flavour  ~ for example  ~ as we head into Autumn its good to be familiar with herbs and plants that will strengthen our immune system and also soothe the chills and ills of the coming winter months.

Make your own herbal preparations to complete this kit to take it and the knowledge of how to use it home for basic self help for family and friends.

An experiential, hands-on practical approach to gathering and making your own herbal medicines under the tutorage of leading UK herbal educators,  Keith Robertson MSc FNIMH and Nicola Dee Kelly BSc MNIMH.
Learn about
• The foundations of Herbal Medicine – art and science in conversation with Nature.
• Gathering  leaves, flowers, roots and barks as appropriate.
• Making teas, decoctions, flower essences, infused oils, ointments, poultices, tinctures
• The language of plants ~ Intro to botany and Plant ID
• Treating family & friends ~energetics and constitutional types for self help.

Nature based help is all around if you know what to look for. Get to know medicinal plants first hand by easy to use botanical identification techniques based on family characteristics, touch, feel and taste qualities using all your senses. Once you have connected to a plant, learn which part to use, how to harvest it and which preparation would best suit its medicinal qualities, eg internal preparations like infusions, flower essences and tinctures or external preparations like poultices, compresses or ointments. Go home with your own remedies and knowledge of how to use them.

Use the sophisticated laboratory that is your sense of taste to determine the medicinal action of plants. Using all our senses, learn how to identify a herb’s main qualities of heating, cooling, moistening, drying, antiseptic, moving, relaxing etc and from that knowledge apply what condition type and in which constitutional type of person such a medicine would be best indicated for. We inherently already know the answers, the aim of this workshop is to provide you with tools to make them conscious and  the pharmacy materials to make and take home preparations.

Costs including all medicine making materials are £60/day or £54 concession. On site camping, caravans or bespoke wooden cabins are available and vegan organic meals are available at an additional cost Camping places are limited here please check with us for availability.

Tent pppn
Caravan/Cabins pppn
£20         /£25-£35
You will find some Airbnb’s around the island. We recommend in particular Steve and Adrienne who serve an excellent double room at 
Contact them and quote Keith Robertson if you want to negotiate a single room if they have any availability.
There is a great campsite on the beach by the Hotel. £8 / person / night. They also have Camping Pods at £35 for 1-2 people / night  see Both tent and especially Pod will need booked in advance.
If you crave comfort The Kildonan Hotel right next to the camp site is really nice at £99 for a double and £79 for a single
The nearest B&B is in the next village and we can recommend Malcolm and Julie at £35 – £42.50 per night.
We are within 10 -15 mins walk of a reliable bus service round the island and if you have your own transport you might consider the on-suite cabins at from £35 per night in the next village again, returning to the ferry, Lamlash.
Lots of other hotel and guest house options at